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Victoria Arduino

Victoria Arduino Eagle One Prima (Black)

Victoria Arduino Eagle One Prima (Black)

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Victoria Arduino Eagle One Prima (Black)

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Versatile and Eclectic

Welcome PRIMA, the one group espresso coffee machine ready to bring wherever and whenever the Victoria Arduino coffee experience.

We called it this way because we believe it is the first step towards a new frontier and will overcome many boundaries. It is a new way to prepare and enjoy espresso coffee. It is dedicated to baristas planning their coffee business, to roasters that would like to search and offer a serene coffee experience for their clients, to professionals that desire a high-quality espresso even at home, and to all the international community of coffee lovers.

It is a versatile and eclectic coffee machine that opens to a new way of living and perceiving the coffee experience.


It is new and is the most compact machine of Victoria Arduino. PRIMA is a professional espresso coffee machine that guarantees high-quality standards with a unique versatility as it easily adapts to new contexts and settings.

Before Prima, never has a Victoria Arduino been so flexible and adaptable! It fits just right into small workspaces. It is ideal for start-ups and renowned businesses, professional and home use, exclusive boutiques that often change looks, pop, and classy atmospheres, even where coffee is not the center activity. For any style and every occasion, there is always a PRIMA that suits you!


Today, design is the research of details and distinctiveness. PRIMA can transform while remaining the same and matches flawlessly with the concept of ECLECTICISM. It can change based on the environment and spaces it sits in, but it can also change seasonally by modifying its looks and adding fresh new colors and textures that interpret the current trends.

Design & Simplicity

Minimal, made in Italy and refined: PRIMA stands out not only for its pure and simple design but also because it effortlessly adapts to any environment or setting.

The perfect mix of design and technology substantially impacted the structure of the machine and the internal components. The result was an extremely compact object, ergonomic, slim, and elegant. It is an object that shines under the spotlight.

Compact and Sustainable

The size and the choice of using resistant and high thermal efficient material like stainless steel allow PRIMA to adapt to any use and limit water and heat dispersion.

The design, the applied technologies, and the components insulation contribute to reducing environmental impact, making PRIMA an authentic, sustainable machine.

100% Digital Machine

Everything becomes even simpler, just like using an app and being fully connected. Who buys a PRIMA will immediately have an app that optimizes performance and use. It's possible to set the temperature and see the extraction time along with the steam and hot water from the app. The user can also verify the machines' performance and the energy-saving-all the functions of a professional device at hand, controlled by a user-friendly and straightforward app.

PRIMA is an espresso coffee machine that takes advantage of the digital revolution and is in constant contact with the user. The app can create recipes, share them with other users, or set recipes recommended by their roaster or barista. The app can also become a recipe sharing instrument by going on the section 'Cloud recipe' of the Victoria Arduino app.


  • Rear and Interior Lights
  • Tank or Direct Connection
  • Autopurge
  • Economizer
  • Cool Touch
  • Boiler Insulation
  • Stainless Steel Filter Holder
  • Stainless Steel Pavillon
  • Showerhead Reinforced
  • Easycream
  • Raised Feet


  • Width: 411 Mm
  • Depth: 510 Mm
  • Height: 379 Mm
  • Cupwarmer: 330 X 280 Mm
  • Group Height: 95 Mm
  • Power Min: 1600 / Max 2600 W

Available Colours:

  • Victoria Arduino Eagle One Prima (Black)
  • Victoria Arduino Eagle One Prima (Stainless Steel)
  • Victoria Arduino Eagle One Prima (White)



Care information

Store in an airtight container away from direct sunlight, moisture and heat.

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